Erica Ramos - La Patrona

Erica Ramos

Born in the dawn of the age of Aquarius, Erica Ramos is a native of Los Angeles, California, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts from California State University at Long Beach. She relocated to New York in 2004 to pursue a career directing Theater. She has since directed numerous plays and worked for companies like LAByrinth Theatre Company, TADA! Children's Theatre Company and Shalimar Productions at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Her music career began unexpectedly in 2008 when she was employed as a vocalist for David Fletcher and New York's Best Musicians. Previously the vocalist for Spanglish Fly, who just released a full length album featuring her vocals, she feels incredibly fortunate to pioneer the resurgance of Latin Soul and Boogaloo with FuLaSo. Currently studying voice with Constantinos Yiannoudes, Erica is also the lead vocalist for alternative soul group, Sinner Man (, who plans to release their second full-length album winter of 2015.

Personally, Erica is a devoted wife and proud mother of a one year old daughter. Her favorite color is green and she much prefers eating with her hands over using silverware. Even steak.